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Working With Adult Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors:

From A Structural Dissociation Perspective (“parts work”)

Presented by Cristina Mardirossian, LMFT



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Descriptive Narrative:

This course is based off of the Complex Trauma Certification Training by Janina Fisher (specific training to treat Trauma, Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders). This is a modality that includes Sensorimotor, Internal Family Systems (parts-work), and mindfulness strategies that help clients connect to their minds, bodies, emotions, and their traumatic events without feeling overwhelmed and avoidant. Parts work makes space for the conflicts between parts of the self. For instance, within therapy there are times when your client's might be attempting to work through a challenging or traumatic memory. Although they feel ready to heal, there might be a part of them that interferes with the process in efforts to protect them from vulnerable feelings that threaten their sense of self. Parts work can also look at "inner child" part(s) that still carry pain that is stuck in time. Parts work is very effective in making clients feel seen, heard, and attuned to. If you have had client's who have been in therapy for many years without much success, this may be a modality to consider. 


Participants will leave this workshop with the understanding of how to recognize signs of sexual abuse and how to treat it from a structural dissociation perspective.

​Course meets the qualifications for 5 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. A CEU completion certificate will be awarded after participants complete the course evaluation and CEU test.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the 3 levels of dissociation

  2. Identify at least 3 symptoms of sexual abuse survivors

  3. Describe 3 ways in which “parts work” could be applied

  4. Help clients process their traumas through “parts work”



  • Overview on the theory of structural dissociation

    • Primary dissociation

    • Secondary dissociation

    • Tertiary dissociation

    • Emotional parts

    • Apparently Normal parts

  • Addressing How the Forms of Dissociation Show Up In Trauma Survivors

    • In Fight Parts​

    • In Flight Parts

    • In Freeze Parts

    • In Submit Parts

    • In Attach Parts

  • Defining Sexual Abuse

    • Symptoms of Childhood Sexual Abuse from a parts perspective​

  • Bringing In Parts Language Into Therapy

    • Encouraging curiosity of parts

    • Therapist modeling parts language

    • Blending vs. Unblending with parts

    • Symptoms viewed as a form of a “memory”

  • Parts Work For Sexual Abuse Survivors

    • Addressing the phobia of parts that carry the sexual abuse​

    • Addressing Flashbacks

    • Addressing Shame parts

    • Addressing Fear parts

    • Addressing parts that carry "the secret" of the sexual abuse

    • Addressing the Body

  • Working with Sexual Abuse Memories

    • Use of Resources​

    • Importance of Dual Awareness

    • Focus is on present moment, supporting the younger parts/ Reparenting\

  • Addressing Sex

    • Addressing triggers during sex

    • Reclaiming Sexuality

  • Addressing what Recovery looks like


Intended Audience:

Counselors • Social Workers • Psychologists • Case Managers • Addiction Counselors Therapists • Marriage & Family Therapists • Other Mental Health Professionals 


What is included:

  • Access to a 5 hour workshop online.

  • A PDF file of the presentation slides will be emailed.

  • The CEU test and course evaluation will be emailed.

  • This program has the advantage of allowing you to proceed at your own pace, in your own time and space. 

Grievances: if there are any questions or complaints (i.e. course content, facilities, certificates, miscellaneous occurrences), please contact me directly. There are NO refunds for this workshop. 

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